Is a very simple one... To create a space for sharing creative ideas that will encourage others to eat healthier. That's it! 


Every month I'll feature a handful of my improvisational meals on this Virtual Cookbook that you can use, enhance or just tell me your thoughts about.  I'll also feature a Dish of the Month, so you'll get to taste something I just created, enjoyed and now want you to prepare.  Interactive Recipe Links will give you direct access to the ingredients I used and where to get them. 


One of My Goals is to eventually release a cookbook of my veggie tales.    In the mean time, I want this site to serve as an online cookbook, and one where the guest can not only get some of my "Dietbolical" Vegetarian & Vegan inspired creations, but be part of the process of making better food choices.  We are all works in progress when it comes to eating better and making much healthier decisions about what we put into our bodies.  I don't have all of the answer and I definitely don't know it all when it comes to either lifestyle choice of Vegetarian or Vegan.  I'm simply learning as I make my Journey.  What I do know, is that living right begins with eating right, and that choosing to become Vegan or Vegetarian, are in my opinion a great start, so let's get there together! 


Feel Free to share your ideas and give me feedback on my Contact page and have fun being creative in the kitchen. Healthy doesn't have to be boring. Cheers!