Our mission

Food + Clothing + Shelter


Our immediate goal is to provide information and be a source to spark change for those interested in eating a Vegetarian or Vegan diet.

That's why this site was created, to give those who want to eat better some simple recipes that can help you start your journey or simply add some our easy recipes and creative improvisational menu ideas to your Vegan and Vegetarian cooking arsenal. 

Our next step is cloak everyone we can in our VeggEasy brand! Not to simply make a fast buck trying to capitalize off the fast growing Vegan and Vegetarian lifestyles but to spread the word and literally tell our story so that other can benefit as we have from changing the way we think about food. Words are powerful and reinforcing t





Changing the way we eat is probably one of the hardest decisions for most people to make and I believe that it's because people’s personalities are directly tied into the types of foods they are attracted to.  Like the old adage says, "you are what you eat."  So, for some of us, giving up pork or chicken begins to sound more literal than figurative.  What's crazy to me is that I've met folks that had a much easier time getting off of drugs and cigarettes then cutting meat out of their diet or not eating so much daily.  When you tell someone that you don't eat meat, they tend to look at you as if you've just come from the insane asylum and the first words they can muster after looking at you like your crazy is, "I could NEVER do that!" or pose the brilliant question, "you’re crazy, how can you not eat meat?".  For me, it is as simple as life or death.  For others, the decision may not be that  morbid or extreme but my experience with foods of all types, and with life in general, leads me to believe that the healthiest decisions are the ones based on balance and nothing that you put into your mind or body should be in excess. 



One day it was as simple as me saying to myself, "self if you're going to beat this HBP you need to just do something drastic."  That led me to start really learning more about the Vegan diet and the exclusion of so many things that in excess cause so much damage to the body.  I knew I didn't want to necessarily be a Vegan at this point in my life for good, but "cold turkey" would be the only way that I could jump start at least getting to a Vegetarian way of life.  So, for 30 days in the Spring of 2012 I was Vegan. Sounds hard and if you know anything about the Vegan lifestyle, you know for sure that you have to be a lot more creative in meal planning.  At the beginning of each week I'd prepare all of my raw veggies and all of the veggies that I'd be cooking for the week.   I'd season, marinate and stockpile my meals for the week so I'd have no excuse not to get my lazy butt into the kitchen an chef up something that didn't involve meat.  Ya know what?... It really worked! Weeks one and two were a breeze and with three and four, I just followed the same program, stepping up my creativity, incorporating flavors and seasonings from other cultures and trying new techniques.  I had MY TOP5 veggies that I love like Squash, Zucchini & Egg Plant and I incorporated oldies but goodies like Brussels Sprouts and even new ones such as Kale to stretch my pallet even further.  Needless to say, I started out at 216 lbs at Day One of my Vegan quest and by Day 30 I was down to 198 and I felt amazing!  I had more energy and never had that heavy "damn I ate too much" feeling I had prior.  Now my only hurdle was “what now???”  I felt with this new start and perspective on life, I didn't want to go backwards but I do want to go forward at my own pace, so I allowed myself a couple of the things that I love but only once a week like cheese & eggs.  As for meat, which I still enjoy, I basically allowed myself to indulge one weekend a month, which usually ends up being the 1st weekend unless there's a holiday or something and I really want to get busy. 


Since my transition I've managed to keep my weight around 205, though I plan to get down to 195 real soon.  I exercise regularly and my BP reading is much more consistent with where it needs to be.  My journey is far from over, but if I do decide to be a "real" Vegetarian or Vegan, I know those are the healthiest choices, so I can't really go wrong with either but I'll get there when I'm good and ready and so will you.  In the meantime, enjoy some of my favorite recipes and start your journey today towards eating and living healthier.