My favorite meal of the day hands down is breakfast. Growing up poor you have to improvise a lot. My first meals that my Mom allowed me to make were usually breakfast becuase if we didn't have anything else we had some eggs.  Whenever I could get a hold of some veggies I'd experiment with omelets and all kind of wanna be gourmet scramblers. I'd take leftovers from the night before like mash potatoes add some cheese and eggs and BAM! Cheese Potato Eggs! Picked that up from my Stepdad Dickie. Pancakes, grits, fried potatoes, frech toast you name I'd be in the kitchen any time of the day cheffing it up so for me breakfast is what started off my love for cooking and food. See what's on the menu this month and don't forget to add your own creative twist. 



Note: I purposely did not include measurements because I cook from my heart, and decide spur of the moment how much needs to go into whatever it is I'm cooking, so I think you should try to do the same. Good luck!